April Adventures


Falling off the face of the earth

Contrary to the popular opinion, I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth for the past 24 days. It’s just been one crazy month!

What was the biggest, craziest event?

I met my biological family for the first time.


My schedule for April has been teaching classes during the week and then leaving right after class is over on Friday with Louie to sightsee and visit family. We then travel back Sunday night to Weifang. Repeat cycle. Every week in April. Nothing like staying busy! 🙂

Here’s a brief record of events:

  • Louie flew into Weifang and I met him for the first time on April 4.
  • On the first weekend (April 5-7), we visited my grandparents and aunt in Beijing…in addition to doing some pretty cool touristy stuff.
  • On the second weekend, we went back to Beijing for some more family bonding and another round of awesome-ness sight-seeing.
  • On the third weekend, we traveled to Tai An to see Mt. Tai as well as some close relations of the family. We also traveled near to Shanghai to meet some more close relations.
  • This weekend, Louie will fly out of China back to the States. We will visit family one more time and find a panda or two to say “hi” to.

I will chronicle each weekend in the following posts. Keep reading! 🙂


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